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exSID USB, Play SID music on your PC with real SID hardware!

exSID USB is a MOS Technology SID hardware playback device that connects to modern computers via USB. The goal of this project is to enable accurate, true to the original hardware playback of SID music (such as what can be found in the High Voltage SID Collection) in a convenient, 21st-century compatible way: without a working C64. Website: http://hacks.slashdirt.org

FPGATED/István Hegedüs

István Hegedüs has developed a cycle exact FPGA core for the MOS 7360/8360 TED chip written in verilog. The final goal is to have an fpga core that could be used as a drop in replacement for the MOS 8360 chip which is the heart of the Commodore 264 series 8 bit computers, namely the Commodore 16, Commodore Plus 4…


Juan J. Martínez is developing an 8 bit computer with the help of an ATmega328 microcontroller from Atmel. The virtual CPU is a MOS 6502 that was used in the Commodore VIC20, Atari 400, BBC Acorn, Apple II, NES and many more computers. The features are: Composite video 256 x 192 pixels, 32 x 24 characters, PS/2 keyboard support, 64KB…

MOS 6502 Laptop

Dirk Grappendorf created a laptop based on a MOS 6502 processor. The features are: 6502 processor, 6522 VIA’s, SID, 32 kByte RAM, 32 kByte EEPROM, battery, 4 line / 40 character LCD screen, modified USB keyboard, BASIC interpreter and a 3D printed case. Website: http://www.grappendorf.net