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ZX Bomb Sweeper, ZX Spectrum

Dynamite Jack, a masked bomber, has planted many bombs in the sewers. You play the role of John Solver, who must descend into the sewer and defuse the bombs before it’s too late! Bomb Sweeper was a multi-screen Game & Watch video game released in June of 1987. The game was never released in Japan. Using the D-pad to move…

MSXdev23 #17 Hopper Boy

The arcade game Hopper Boy takes you back to the times of Nintendo’s Game & Watch series. In Hopper Boy you traverse the floors of a bank to collect diamonds, in order to break the high-score. Simple, clean, and fun. Download: MSXdev23_HopperBoy_v1.2.zipSource: msxdev.org

TwinTwin, Game Boy

Help the great explorer Zigmundo to find the magical relic, the Twin Stone! A multi-character Metroidvania adventure for Gameboy begins! A long time ago, a demon king invaded our land bringing an era of darkness. Two legendary brother warriors stood against him and defeated the whole army with their unparalleled power. The king swore to return. To prevent another era…

Hermano, Game Boy

During the Day of the Dead, Mano visited the grave of Nano, his brother. It is said that during that night the doors of the underworld open so that the dead can reunite with their living relatives. But those same doors let hundreds of lost souls, monsters and demons out into the world of the living people. A demon took Mano…

Noobs Review 11 :- Super Mario Land (Game Boy 1990)

Super Mario Land is Mario`s 1st outing on the Game-Boy, how does it stack up 30 years after its release?

Noobs Review 9 :- Sim City (Super Nintendo 1992)

Sim City has seen releases on most (If not every) system over the years, how does the SNES version hold up? Lets find out…

Noobs Review 6 :- Super Star Wars (Super Nintendo 1993)

Super Star Wars was released on the Super Nintendo in 1993, and was known as being a hard game, does it still hold up almost 30 years later?

Noobs Review 4 :- Lemmings (Game Boy 1994)

Lemmings was released on loads…and i do mean loads…of systems, how does the Game Boy version stack up..lets find out.

Noobs Review 3 :- Mega Man 2 (NES 1988)

In 1987 Capcom, under the guidance of director “Akira Kitamura” released Mega Man on the Nintendo Entertainment System, sales were disappointing, to the point where a sequel was canned..until the developers within Capcom decided to produce the game in their own free time. And then on the 24th December 1988 Rockman 2 was released to the Japanese Public. And a…

Your vintage computer / console collection speaks for you

By reading this, most likely you have a thing for vintage computing and gaming, as well as being the owner of either a small or big collection of vintage technology. But have you ever thought of why do you still keep that Gameboy in your drawer since your childhood? Why do you miss your little Speccy and can’t forgive yourself…