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Tandy Enthusiast and BBS Pioneer Michael Sly Joins Vintage is the New Old as a Writer

A Journey from BBS Innovations to Tandy Enthusiasm Brings Mike Sly Back to the Retro Computing Scene In the world of retro computing, the past often has a way of coming full circle. This month, the vintage computing community welcomed back a familiar face from the early days of bulletin board systems (BBS). Michael Sly, a Tandy enthusiast and co-creator…

Tandy Assembly 2023: The Ultimate Retro Computing Experience Returns to Springfield, Ohio!

Mark your calendars for September 29 – October 1, 2023, and get ready to relive the glory days of Tandy computers at Tandy Assembly 2023. Springfield, Ohio – Retro Tandy computing enthusiasts, mark your calendars and start dusting off your gear because Tandy Assembly 2023 is just around the corner! From September 29 to October 1, 2023, Springfield, Ohio will…

Dates on location announced for Tandy Assembly 2018

The official Tandy Assembly twitter account has announced that Tandy Assembly 2018 will be held on October 13 and 14 in Springfield, Ohio. They haven’t even updated their web site, but various podcasts had been hinting that Tandy Assembly would be held in roughly the same location and around the same time as 2017. Attendance was quite good last time,…

Watch the Live Stream from Tandy Assembly

In case you haven’t heard, the world’s largest gathering of Tandy / Radio Shack computer enthusiasts will be held this weekend in Chillicothe, Ohio, US. Tandy Assembly aims to bring fans of all the Tandy / Radio Shack computer families together, under one roof, for the first time. The organizers have announce that the presentations and events will be live-streamed…

CoCo Crew Podcast #20 – 3 Months to CoCoFEST

Once again, John, Neil, and Mike Rowan are back to invade your podcatcher and green your screen with news, discussion, and Q&A about the Tandy Color Computer. This month, the Crew feature an interview with CoCo programmer Rick Adams and a tech segment on the SN76489AN audio card. Link: cococrew.org Subscribe: iTunes

TRS-80 Trash Talk podcast, ep. 10 – VCFMW 2016 and Lance Micklus

Episode 10 of the TRS-80 “Trash Talk” podcast is out. Trash talkers Peter B and Randy talk about VCF Midwest 2016. Pete C interviews programmer Lance Micklus. Also discussed: New kits for the MISE and M3SE Model I Double Density Adapter TRS-Box on the Model II and 16 Link: trs80trashtalk.com Subscribe: iTunes

CloudT: A Tandy model 100 in your browser

Courtesy of John R. Hogerhuis on the m100 list, you now have a new way to get your Tandy 100 fix: Right in your web browser! The inspiration was that I wanted to have a Model 100 emulator for my iPhone. A native emulator written in Objective C would be best, but Apple doesn’t allow you to distribute emulators in…

SARDOS Rom for Tandy 100/200 and NEC

Kurt McCullum of Club 100 has released a terrific new ROM called “SARDOS” for the Tandy 100/102/200 and NEC PC-8201 laptop computers. This custom ROM combines Traveling Software’s TS-DOS with the T-Word/Sardine ROM to create an all-in-one word processing ROM for Tandy’s “Model T” laptop. How’d he do it? Well, he found space for TS-DOS by removing the approx. 7k…

Golden Age of TRS-80: A Look Back At RadioShack Computers

PC Magazine likes its slide shows, and sometimes they are really interesting. This one goes through the golden age of TRS-80. It shows only the main computers Tandy-Radio Shack had released since 1977 with the TRS-80 Model I. If you don’t know much about the TRS line, take a ride down the memory lane, following the link below. Link: PCMag

The TRS‑80 Model II – Learn more about the business oriented TRS-80

Matthew Reed has just published on TRS-80.org an article about the TRS-80 Model II. The article does a good job explaining the differences between the model II and model I, as well as covering released software for the machine. With a lot of information and nice catalog images, you should check it out for sure. Link: TRS-80.org