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Zero Delay USB Arcade Encoder Video Review

Can such a low priced device deliver on its promise to drive an arcade quality experience and earn a place in your build?

Resurrect your DB9 joystick, Mayflash USB Adapter Review

Can a classic DB9 joystick be made work work through this Mayflash Mega Drive adapter?

Servant64 – Commodore 64 USB Hardware

Servant64 is a Open-Source project that makes it possible to use a bidirectional connection between a Commodore 64 (User-port) and a Windows PC (USB). The hardware is based on cost effective and modular hardware. Website: http://servant64.deNews Source: http://www.richardlagendijk.nl

Ryś MKII adapter – Amiga

This USB adapter makes it possible to use USB HID devices on your Amiga. The Ryś MK II has been equipped with 3 modes of emulation: one for a mouse, one for a joystick and the last one for a pad. The mouse emulation now has 3 speed options, and the Ryś also comes with a “Bootloader” function for future…

Jakadapter v2.1

With the Jakadapter you can connect two Atari-style joysticks to USB. This new version has the following changes: Both ports have now 8 configurable pins, for better support for other joysticks and paddles. The firmware is upgradeable via a boot-loader for future firmware updates. Website: http://kair.us/projects/jakadapter/index.html