Wild bunch, The – Spectrum

wild_bunchWelcome to the west…The wild west. A time of six shooters, saloon’s and lawless gangs.
In 1984 Firebird, a company responsible for many classic games for the ZX Spectrum, released the title ‘Wild Bunch’.wild_bunch2With a simple control method and classic ‘speccy’ graphics, the story begins with an injured man found lying on the ground dying. Coughing and spluttering, the man speaks his last words, revealing vital clues about his illusive attacker. Then, with his last breath, the man lies dead at your feet, leaving you to vindicate yourself of the crime and find the true killer.wild_bunch3Travelling to various cities with a fist full o’ dollars, the game opens up with card games, visits to saloon’s, store’s and confrontations. Its here where your diplomacy skills come into play as soon enough, suspects become rife so be careful to arrive at the correct conclusions as one false accusation can lead to deadly standoffs in the streets.wild_bunch4Draw fast and true, there are no second chances in a gunfight.wild_bunch5Each time a game is started, be it from completion or failure, the details are different, leading to constantly changing gameplay and replay value.

[youtube 4yl4RWXf-XY nolink]

Step up pilgrim… The stage coach is waiting.

Review by Rob Joy.