USB joystick adapter for 9 pin joysticks

Francis Gradel (Nitz76) over at Retronic Design has made a nifty USB joystick adaptor for use with emulators like WinVice and WinUAE. It can be used with any Atari, Commodore 64, Amiga and Sega Master system joystick with a standard DB9 connector. This adaptor is insanely tiny compared to other ones I have seen online and at only $29.99 I think this is a worthy investment for any retrogamer/emulation fan.

Check the full specs out below.

  • USB 2.0 compatible.
  • Using an ATMEL ATMEGA 8 microcontroller running at 12MHz.
  • Based on standard human interface device (HID) from the USB spec for simple integration (Like keyboard or mouse).
  • Provide three button support and two digital axis.
  • DB9 connector compatible with Atari, Commodore 64, Amiga and Sega master system. (May be compatible with others but verify pinout before connecting).
  • Support auto-fire (If your joystick provide it).
  • Robust design.

Other Features

  • Authenticity of original controllers with the simplicity of USB.
  • No driver to install or update (Standard HID input device).
  • Use with any emulator or game.
  • Tested on WinXP, Win2K, Vista, 7, MacOS9, MacOSX, Linux, and more!

You can order this adapter right now over at
Definitely worth adding to your Commodore Christmas List ;-)

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