Amiga Sysinfo has been updated to version 4

Everyone’s favourite classic Amiga benchmark program has finally had an upgrade after 19 years.

New features include (from the site):

  • 19 years later, a new maintainer, a new release. (tnx Nic Wilson)
  • Crash due to assumed accessable memory at $2000 changed to $4000. (tnx Piru)
  • Updated memory size calculation in Memory Info to handle 64MB+ sizes correctly.
  • Updated board size calculation to handle 64MB+ correctly, added MB suffix for sizes greater than 2MB.
  • Several small corrections in the code.
  • Added some support for identificate of 68060, more to do. Doesn’t yet handle the difference between LC/EC versions.
  • Added identification of UAE Autoconfig™ boards.
  • Added identification of Individual Computers GmbH Germany ( Autoconfig™ boards. (tnx Jens Schönfeld)

This works with Workbench version 3.x and can be downloaded from


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