WinUAE 2.5.0 Beta 27 RC3

Yes we are getting ever closer to a new version release of the great WinUAE emulator by Toni Wilen. For now though enjoy the latest Beta 27 RC3 with a few new updates.
Also as an added bonus he also released a 64-bit beta version to play with too!, oh Toni you spoil us ;-)

– Modulated volume value wasn’t range checked, caused noise if volume word was not between 0 to 63. (Platou title music)
– Fixed SPTI mode CDFS crash.
– CDFS didn’t correctly remove hidden trailing ;1’s in some Joliet CD filenames.
– SPTI standard CD access: Use READ (10), not READ CD when requesting standard 2048 byte user sectors, not all BD/DVD drives support READ CD when reading DVDs.

Download 64-bit Version:

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