Bidding ended to $7,625.00 for the Commodore 65 on

ebay_c65We see many auctions on ebay with the word ‘RARE’ in the title which let’s be honest aren’t rare at all and are usually pretty easy to get hold of if you’re persistent and look around. Second hand  Commodore 64 computers at this current time of writing are selling a little over the estimated value price on eBay. A quick browse today showed them ranging prices between £40 and £60 in various conditions, with a couple of greedy ‘bayers trying to sell with ‘Buy It Now‘ auctions at £150! A bit steep in my honest opinion ..
As we all know the Commodore 65 also known as the C64DX was an awesome piece of kit that we never got to experience. No one knows exactly how many are out there, estimates range from 50 to several hundred. All I know is they don’t often appear on eBay and when they do things can go a little crazy.
No matter how much I love Commodore and their computers, the most I would more than likely spend on a Commodore 64 computer would be probably £100, and this would have to be in close to mint condition and fully boxed and working. Commodore 65? Hmm, well I could maybe push my bid up to £300, surely anything above £300 is wasting money? Or is it?
How much would you pay?. Of course we all know that there are some serious Commodore collectors out there that would easy throw a lot more money on something that is so rare, but just because it’s rare doesn’t mean it’s worth $7,625.00!!
Yes you read that figure right!, that’s how much a Commodore 65 computer auction recently ended on Don’t believe me? Click here. That’s a lot of money for a prototype computer that doesn’t even work!

Protoype engineering unit – not a functional or production computer. sold as seen with only what is pictured.

I am a gamer not a collector so maybe that’s why I can’t justify paying a price like that. (that and I don’t really have that sort of money lying around the house anyway!)
I buy old computers and games and I ‘play’ and ‘enjoy’ them. Also I can’t help thinking what else I could buy for that amount of money, a new car, an i7 top spec PC or maybe a holiday in Florida with some friends or family. See where I’m going here?
Please share your views on this auction, I would love to hear your opinions ;-)
If you would like to know a little more about the Commodore 65 I have added a few interesting links below ;-)

Enjoy Life, be kind to others.

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