New Demo: Multiplayer Coop-Shooter "Chaos Guns"

[youtube _CGOF-QDZjQ nolink]

“Chaos Guns” combines the four independently playable characters from “Hired Guns” with the bird’s-eye view from “Alien Breed”. Due to the feedback, the second demo version was highly reworked compared to the first preview.

According to the authors the demo now offers a real preview to the game. The first release was called a “Tech-Demo”. The most important changes:

  • Prefs are improved and integrated to main executable, it offers more transparent settings and testing
  • only AHI sound is now supported!
  • new graphics, new design of puzzles (it really plays as totally new game on old, but improved map)
  • improved design of weapons and enemies
  • adjusted difficulty – now you should be able easily beat the demo in one person!
  • complete storyboard implementation
  • complete gameplay remake

Download: ChaosGunsDemoV1_2.lha (5.2 MB)

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