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134561Latest releases over at CSDb are as follows:

Rocky Memphis Preview 2 [pal/ntsc], Rocky Memphis Preview 2 +1M, Vandalism News #63, Bitfire V0.2, No-Skip Mix (2014 Edition), HP-80 Calculator Emulator, HP-55 Calculator Emulator, HP-45 Calculator Emulator, HP-35 Calculator Emulator, Donkey Kong Junior +6HD [onefiled], Born of Universe, Macro Sleep, ORDOGLANYA 2, Revolution V V1.5, Paper Plane +1HFD 100% [pal/ntsc], HF Petscii Intro [pal/ntsc], Paper Plane &H [pal/ntsc], Dotted Disaster Intro, Fat of the Land, Vacuole, Technotitlan, Museum of Strange, Florescence, Paradise, Angels Amongst Us, Damn it Feels Good to Be a Hamster, Ms Chameleon, Coloris, Laxity Intro #61 (TranceTro), Reset #05, Role Preview 1%, Kung Fu, For Stirf, Paper Plane, Bruce Lee II Preview, Surprise Entry, Reset #05 Intro, Tekstro, Syntro, Paper Plane +21D [crazy hack], Schnitzelwelt, Paper Plane, Donkey Kong Junior +5HD [onefiled], Collision R-IRQ Kit incl. Demo Game “Tunnel Mission”, Shine ‘Unicorn’, My Scary Intro, FLOOO OO O O O D, Frodigi 4, Bomb Fusion +32D [crazy hack], Laberinto [spanish], Floored (uncut version), Skull Dreams 2, Donkey Kong Junior +3D [onefiled], A Celebration from Down Below, Psychopunks of Uproar!, One Year Coop, Gravitrix Preview +2, Metamorphosis, Ten Beers After, Gravitrix Preview, Donkey Kong Junior +3D [onefiled], Bubbles Intro, Donkey Kong Junior +D, Donkey Kong Junior +6D, Donkey Kong Junior, Bandana City +22D [crazy hack], Brella Onthemoon, Drunk Coding, Even When Sober [pal/ntsc], 3D Roam +2D, Skijump Intro, Penetrator Preview +, WdW Pictures, Roller Scroller 2, Mini-Mag #10 [german].

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