Brand-new and colourful original cases for your Commodore 64C

It is happening now a Kickstarter campaign very different than the usual retro-game/book we see all the time. ‘Original Commodore 64C Computer Housing in New Cool Colors’ promises you cases for your Commodore 64C made using the original production molds for the housing for that model.

You can buy them on Bright White, Bright Red or Royal Blue for $35 USD each (+ shipping) or snag them all for $99 USD. Dallas Moore, who’s behind the project says that only 500 will be made of each colour, and those colours will never be used again, and that they will start production as soon as they get funded, even if the campaign is still running. That means you can get your colourful C64 case sooner than you could expect.

I will certainly grab one, but I am not sure which colour! They all look awesome. Blue!….no, Red!….hmmm, no White!….aaaah!

Link: Kickstarter

Author: Paulo Garcia

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