'Let's Play Gaming Expo' 2015 holding Nintendo Virtual Boy Tournament

Let’s Play Game Expo organizers have acquired copies of Hyper Fighting for Virtual Boy, and will be doing a live demo at the event next August 1-2 in Dallas, Texas.

According to Christian Deitering (best known as “Ferris Bueller” on NintendoAge), people attending the event will be able to play Hyper Fighting all day Saturday on real Virtual Boy handhelds, and then Sunday there will be a tournament for fun and prizes.

Inspired by the YouTube “Let’s Play” videos, the Let’s Play Gaming Expo celebrates everything that is gaming, featuring 75+ Arcade Cabinets, 80+ tables of vendors, a Smash Bros Tournament, a Special Tetris World Championship Qualifier, Retro Game Tournaments, Modern Gaming Tournaments, Video Game Panels, and of course, Special Guests.

Link: Let’s Play Gaming Expo Website
Facebook: LPGE Group

Author: Paulo Garcia

1 thought on “'Let's Play Gaming Expo' 2015 holding Nintendo Virtual Boy Tournament

  1. I would love to attend these gaming events, so awesome. I always wanted to test my fighting skills on Street Fighter and other great fighting games.

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