'Pro Gamer' – New Atari 7800 Magazine


The Atariage RetroGamer128 has announced a new magazine dedicated to the Atari 7800.

There are over 50 pages of content, exclusive interviews, info on lost games (including a game nobody knew about!), reviews, tips & cheats, archives, features and more!

RetroGamer128 mentions that the first issue is digital as a PDF file, but if there is enough demand we do hope to do a print edition.

It costs £2.99 and it is available to purchase following the link below. There is also a sample, so you can see how it looks like before committing to buy.

Link: Sample Magazine
Link: ProGamer Order Page

Author: Paulo Garcia

1 thought on “'Pro Gamer' – New Atari 7800 Magazine

  1. The information in this pdf can be found, for free, on the Internet. The author has a well documented history of cut’n’paste articles as well as selling public domain software via ebay. Please do not encourage this behaviour. Thank you.

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