Commodore 64 Tunes! High Voltage SID Collection Update #64

hvsc_logoHVSC – High Voltage SID Collection is the ultimate SID collection, containing more than 47,000 SID tunes for you listening pleasure!

Update #64 came out few days ago and you can download it right now. If you don’t have any previous version, you can choose the complete download instead the update as well.

This update features (all approximates):

  • 672 new SIDs
  • 132 fixed/better rips
  • 5 repeats/bad rips eliminated
  • 812 SID credit fixes
  • 133 SID model/clock infos
  • 10 tunes from /DEMOS/UNKNOWN/ identified
  • 4 tunes from /GAMES/ identified
  • 22 tunes moved out of /DEMOS/ to their composers’ directories
  • 12 tunes moved out of /GAMES/ to their composers’ directories

There are plenty of SID players for all modern platforms if you rather not use emulation. For Mac, my favorite is SIDPlay and its iTunes-like interface. For a full list of players, check HVSC website as well.

Link: HVSC

Author: Paulo Garcia

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