'Flying Cobra DX' – New Shoot'em up! game for Commodore 64


flying-cobra1Nothing like a good brainless shot’em up game to celebrate 2016, eh? If you agree you should try Flying Cobra RX, released today by The New Dimension.

The game is very fast and the smooth animation, impeccable! I recommend the joystick instead of the keyboard if you can, as the game is harder using the keyboard.

The sideways missiles are a nice touch that helps you to defeat the many enemies coming after you.


The downside, in my opinion, is the annoying sound effects which sounds a lot like a TV static and it gets old pretty quick. It is a small problem in a great game.

The version I played is a cracked one, allowing you to play with no life limits. Of course, you should play without these baby features ;)

Link: CSDb

Author: Paulo Garcia

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