New app lets you run Windows 95 on modern Linux, Mac, and Windows computers!

Those of you reading the headline will probably think we’re a bit late for an April Fools joke, but this is quite genuine!

Thanks to the efforts of Felix Rieseberg (@felixrieseberg), it’s now possible to run Microsoft Windows 95 on Linux, Mac, and Windows-based computers, thanks to his Electron application; you may be asking WHY you’d want to run an outdated operating system from 1995, so we’ll tell you – because it’s damned cool!

While the operating system was a significant step forward in bringing a more modern, multi-tasking architecture to the PC platform, it’s monolithic kernel and underpinning architecture proved to be somewhat flaky, giving birth to the infamous “Blue Screen of Death” whenever the OS encountered a fatal error – even Rieseberg himself joked on Twitter: “It’s a terrible idea that works shockingly well. I’m so sorry.”

Installing the app is a cinch; simply download and run the executable made available from GitHub, and you’ll soon be able to experience the joys of Minesweeper and Solitaire in a really tiny window!

We had a quick play around with the software and, while it’s claims are largely genuine, we did run into a couple of issues with certain applications. Internet Explorer failed to work properly, throwing up an error whenever we tried to visit a website; this is probably a small mercy, as we can only imagine how horrifically IE 3.0 would massacre any modern website today!

In any case, this is an innovative application that we’re sure many enthusiasts and tinkerers will find fun to play around with!


Author: Alec
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3 thoughts on “New app lets you run Windows 95 on modern Linux, Mac, and Windows computers!

  1. One good thing though, it makes running 16 bit apps a heck of a lot easier, and you can even run SOME DOS programs through Win95 without having to configure the program under DOSBox

  2. I don’t get it – it just uses the v86 javascript vm code to run win95 – where’s the deal? a fun project for sure, but not really something “new”..

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