Gods Remastered launching soon, gets official trailer!

Robot Riot (Nils Hammerich) has published the final trailer for Gods Remastered, the studio’s tribute to The Bitmap Brothers 16-bit classic.

Retaining the blend of platforming, shooting and puzzle-solving action of the original, players are, once again, tasked with facing the perils of the Ancient City in their quest for immortality, this time in high-definition!

While we had some reservation regarding the graphics – particularly the 3D elements – based on earlier footage of the game, it’s certainly come a long way since then, and Nils appears to have done a good job in creating higher fidelity backdrops that remain true to Mark Coleman’s original artwork.

Of course, if you prefer to play through the game with the original visuals then you can do that too, thanks to the ability to switch between the HD and original visuals on the fly.

The remastered edition’s refresh rate has also received an upgrade, boosted to deliver a full 60 FPS, which should result in a much smoother gameplay experience.

As for the game’s audio, the studio was unable to secure a license to include the original theme tune (‘Into the Wonderful‘ by Nation 12). Instead, Robot Riot has collaborated with Sound of Games to produce a new soundtrack, which they hope will capture the spirit of the original.

There’s still no hard launch date set, but in a brief interview at PLAY Expo 2018, Nils confirmed the game will be launching imminently for Xbox One, with Steam, PS4, Switch, and mobile releases expected to arrive at a later date.

You can get all the latest news updates from Nils and Robot Riot on Facebook, or via the official website.

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