Sam’s Journey on TheC64 Mini

Protovision, the C64 game publisher is cooperating with Knights of Bytes to release Sam’s Journey for TheC64-mini.

Sam’s Journey was one of the most expected games and has been received with high praises for every retro media outlet. The adorable platformer is so good that I believe it could be on any modern platform as is and it would still be a blast!

According to Protovision’s press release “The THEC64-mini version also permits the user to jump by the means of the control keys while previously this was only possible by “joystick up” due to lack of options in the THEC64-mini firmware as well as loading routines of the floppy disk. Both issues have been solved by now.”

The special version is now part of the download packages in the Protovision shop as well as on It is also available free of charge to previous buyers by renewed download.

Link: Protovision

Author: Paulo Garcia

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