Farming Simulator C64 Edition – Nice Demo, What About The Rest of the Game?

GIANTS Software has been able to obtain a good loyal following for their  Farming Simulator franchise over the years and when they recently announced that the Collector’s Edition of Farming Simulator 19 was to included a Commodore 64 port, we were naturally curious, if not slightly excited.

C64 enthusiasts were provided with some relief of not having to buy the PC edition to play the game when GIANTS Software provided started offering Farming Simulator C64 Edition on a stand alone basis as either a digital download or in a cartridge format (via Protovision).

The goal of Farming Simulator C64 Edition is to accumulate as much wealth as possible before you run out of fuel or seeds. Harvesting crops can generate money that can be used to buy new fuel and new seeds. If you have no more money, no more fuel in the tank, or no plant seeds, the game is over.

Farming Simulator C64 Edition provides you with four different vehicles, a New Holland T7 with a trailer attached, a Fendt 700 with a seeder attached, a Case IH Magnum with a plow attached and a John Deere T560 combine harvester. You use the F keys to switch between vehicles.

What We Liked

  • 4 different farming vehicles with their own distinct look and motor sound
  • Easy to pick up and play

What We Did Not Like

  • No real game objective or challenge. You just continue to go through the Plow > Sow > Harvest > Sell cycle until you run out of fuel, money, or seeds but you are more likely to stop playing out of boredom.
  • No variation in game play. No weather variables, no choice of crop to sow, small game environment with only two fields to work on.
  • Uninspired graphics. Other than the vehicle and the harvest field, everything is static and drawn in somewhat of a basic manner
  • Lack of sound. No in game music or background SFX, just the constant drone of your tractors.

Farming Simulator C64 Edition is nothing more than a basic gimmicky demo that is designed to promote Farming Simulator 19 on other platforms. At best it is an average ‘Budget’ title from the early 80s. This is a shame as we cannot help but feel that if this project was developed with some passion and purpose, we could have quite an engaging simulation game on our hands. But unfortunately, we end up with a game that is priced in the same range as  titles like Steel Ranger, Rocky Memphis and Space Moguls but falls way short on the quality that they offer.

You can check out the video review version of Farming Simulator C64 Edition below:

If you are interested in playing Farming Simulator C64 Edition, a digital copy can be purchased directly from GIANTS software, while a limited edition Cartridge version is available from Protovision

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