Twin Pack Arcade Fun Now Available for the C64 Via Psytronik Software

Psytronik Software are proud to present the debut C64 release from Stephan Katteneder who has jsut debut on to the C64 gaming scene with two quality arcade gaming titles, The Coffee Break Shootout and Total Refill, bundled together to provide an enticing twin pack offering.

The Coffee Break Shootout

The Coffee Break Shootout is a fun twitch-shooter that features bright and vibrant backdrop landscape and some of the best animated birds to every grace the Commodore 64. The game sees you spending your coffee breaks shooting down birds as they majestically fly their way across the screen.  All you need to do is line up your cross-hair sights using either your joystick or mouse and get your timing right before you teach the birds who is the boss.

An immensely fun and addictive game, The Coffee Break Shootout features precision shooting action, four different landscape environments and music soundtrack provided by Saul Cross.

Total Refill

The second title of the package, Total Refill, is a pump ’n’ run game that sees you take control of Chris, a down-on-his-luck bartender who is trying to impress his new boss by looking after the thirsty patrons at the Knocker’s bar. To do this, you will have to ensure that your beer pitcher is constantly being refilled,  the customer’s glass are always topped up and the barrel is changed when it runs empty. Fail to keep the customers happy and well Chris can kiss his job goodbye.

At its heart, Total Refill is an arcade style time management game and fans of the genre will have no trouble enjoying the game. The game features vibrant graphics and large sprites, all backed up by another good backing tune from Saul Cross The overall presentation is high.

In speaking to Stephan about his games, we asked him about the themes he decided to take on for his first two development projects.

The inspiration for The Coffee Break Shootout (TCBS) was a “free to play” game, called Moorhuhn, from the late nineties that was used by Johnny Walker as an advertising gimmick. I lost quite bit of office productivity back in those days with its simple yet addictive game play so when I was looking for a game idea for C64 project I thought back to the game and was keen to pay homage to it.

Moving on to Total Refill, Stephan went on to reveal:

As for Total Refill this game idea came from a real bar, with the real Chris running it. I was there one evening with a buddy and we had the chance to witness Chris performing like a madman, taking and delivering orders, changing the barrel, do small talk and making sandwiches, all at the same time without dropping the ball. It was a pretty impressive display.

I thought to myself what an unforgiving job being a waiter actually is, and this is the essence of Total Refill with some elements inspired by Mario’s Cement Factory, just the logic is reversed.

Which then brings us to Stephan’s partnership with Psytronik Software. We asked Stephan how this came about:

While I was testing of the first level of TCBS, I found myself playing the game quite a bit and that I was a little surprised to see that it was actually fun playing it as I originally started the project just as a coding exercise.

So I sent a copy of what i had at that point to Kenz at Psytronik, asking him if he would ever consider releasing smaller titles, and when he found out that I also had Total Refill in development, the twin pack idea was born.

As far as collaborating with Saul Cross, Stephan went on to say:

Later I told Kenz that I was looking for a composer and sound designer, so he gave me Saul’s email. I remember writing a mail to him the next Friday, with a copy of the actual TCBS development stage attached and within a couple of days he sent back a title tune, two in game tunes and a bunch of sound FX. I found his efficiency quite intimidating!

It’s amazing to think how, after just recently learning Assembly Language and game coding, that Stephan’s experimental coding exercise is about to result into a physical commercial release for all C64 collectors and enthusiasts to enjoy. If you want to see more of the twin pack of games, take a look at the video show case below

You can grab your copy of this fun arcade twin pack from Psytronik Software with a digital download option available via Psytronik’s Itch.Io page.

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