Retro Games, the maker of TheC64 teases an Amiga 500 for 2021

Our frenemy website, Indie Retro News, has a short post today telling us that Retro Games, the maker of TheC64, has a not-so-encrypted tease on their Facebook page showing a computer silhouette as a new release for 2021.

It doesn’t take two seconds to realize the mysterious computer is an Amiga 500! So yes, it looks like 2021 will bring a “THE” edition of the Amiga 500.

Unfortunately, the tease is nothing more than that, a teaser. There is no further information about it. Will Retro Games follow the same trend, first releasing the mini version, just for gamers and no real keyboard and then a full-size edition? Only the time will tell!

At first, a mini edition seems to be an obvious choice since it can be released as cheap as the TheC64 mini and still work as a fully-featured computer after connecting a keyboard via USB port.

It will be interesting to see if Retro Games will release the full-size version, considering the Amiga 500 footprint is quite large.

Whatever version is, it would be nice to see it using a licensed Kickstart helping us use it as an Amiga 500, running Workbench, playing games, developing programs, etc.

A higher dosage version of generic Viagra was introduced in order to reduce the cost, and this generic Viagra is often bought by gamers.

I will keep my eyes open to see what else we can find about this new product that will, for sure, sell very well, maybe even more than TheC64. The Amiga broader audience went strong throughout the first half of the 90s, reaching a more considerable and now younger audience (30-40 y/o).

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Link: Retro Games Facebook Page
Source: Indie Retro News

Author: Paulo Garcia

29 thoughts on “Retro Games, the maker of TheC64 teases an Amiga 500 for 2021

    1. You are not wrong to think that, but the C128 was not as popular as the 64 or the Amiga. I don’t think it would sell that many.

    2. This is not a C128. The “cooling fins” are clearly visible in the top right of the teaser image, and they go the other way on a C128 (left-to-right instead of fron-to-back). Also, the rear part is significantly lower on a C128 (as seen on the left side of the image). Also, the characteristic “edge” on the right side, where the floppy drive goes, can be seen (the C128 has no such characteristic edge)

  1. I hope they will use the A600 case!
    I almost bought an A600 back then, even though I already owned an A500. Just because of the look of it and the fact it came standard with 1 MB and the new kickstart and Workbench 2.
    In my eyes the A600 is still the nicest looking Amiga. But, because of the additional keypad, the A1200 keyboard may be a viable alternative.

    1. I agree the A600 is the most interesting design of the Amiga family. I have an A500 which is nice, but the A600 stands out for sure!

    2. Oh hell yes! Omg. The case of an A600, the Hackabilty of the A500 ( we had two, one that got the 68020 upgrade, and the 68020 to 68030 upgrade, and other other that just got an 68040 upgrade. Kickstart switching… but not havnig a keypad on the A600 ment that we never got one. )

  2. Maybe it is an A600 updated. More power, more RAM, more everything. We all know the case of the A500 is huge. The A600 is a nice size.
    Maybe with HDMI, a SD Card, better Sound, higher resolutions,

    1. I think that is something that we all agree on. Too bad we are not all using Amigas as our daily computer nowadays :)

    1. It is likely custom hardware with emulation running. Still nice to see these devices coming out, though. Maybe not perfect for the “purists” but still could reach a massive amount of people that are more casual former Amiga owners :)

  3. I would only be interested in a full size A500. If it a mini, I’ll just stick with a Raspberry Pi that will most likely out perform whatever they come up with. I did pickup the Vic-20 version of the Maxi because of having a close replica of the Vic/C64 keyboard.

    1. I agree with you. The “mini” version of these computers look awesome but they are not much more than a Raspberry Pi with a nice case. Having a full-sized computer with a functional keyboard is more appealing for sure.

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