ZX Spectrum magazine Espectro #5 is available now

Espectro, the Portuguese-speaking magazine dedicated to the ZX Spectrum, is starting today (Nov 11th) the sale of its fifth edition. The publication can already be purchased for R$ 24,90 (USD 4.50) + shipping at the Brazilian Clube MSX virtual store. The magazine is also printed in Portugal, but it is not available there yet. International buyers must contact the magazine (English, Spanish, or Portuguese) to make sure it can be shipped to your country. Click here for more information.

The magazine brings, as usual, a variety of articles, including a special piece about the 35th anniversary of the TK90X (A ZX Spectrum Clone); a Halloween special electing the best ZX Spectrum horror games according to the magazine staff; an interview with Victor Trucco, one of the brains behind the ZX Spectrum Next; a review of the Portuguese game Corrida de Caracóis (Snail’s race), and a map of the game Krall.

In the best retrocomputing style, Espectro has a type-in listing of EspecTRON 2.0, a mini-game created in ZX BASIC by the co-editor Filipe Veiga. On the hardware side, there is a full tutorial teaching how to expand the ZX Spectrum Next. There is also a nice gift, a sticker, included in the package.


Everyone that acquires this issue from November 5 through 15 will be automatically eligible to participate in a contest that will give away a factory-sealed software O Artista (The Artist), from Cibertron Software. The draw will happen during a Clube MSX live event on November 19th. Good luck!

Espectro #4 reprint

For those who missed the previous issue of Espectro, Clube MSX printed a new batch, and it is available for the same R$ 24,90 (USD 4.50) + shipping at the magazine web store.

About Espectro

Launched in 2017 as a dedicated magazine for the ZX Spectrum, Espectro was on a hiatus in 2019 to be reformulated and returned in 2020 with the new quarterly publication frequency. With 40 colourful pages, the magazine is created by a super-team of Portuguese and Brazilians involved in retrocomputing projects: André Luna Leão (Planeta Sinclair), Filipe Veiga (Bitnamic Software and Planeta MS-DOS), João Diogo Ramos (LOAD ZX Spectrum Museum), Marcus Garrett (Bitnamic Software and Revista Jogos 80), Mario Cavalcanti (Clube MSX Magazine e Planeta MS-DOS), Mário Viegas (Planeta Sinclair), and Pedro Pimenta (Jump/Error and Planeta MS-DOS).


Espectro nº 5

  • Pages: 40
  • Year: 2020
  • Frequency: Quarterly
  • Language: Portuguese
  • Format: Print
  • Dimensions: 21 cm x 29,7 cm
  • Price: R$ 24,90 (USD 4.50) + frete

Link: Clube MSX

Author: Paulo Garcia

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