You can purchase the ZX Spectrum NEXT N-GO Board now!

The first 50 ZX Spectrum Next clone boards are already available for purchase over the website.

Produced by Retroshop, the same manufacturer of the hot MiSTer FPGA, the board is 100% compatible, including the form factor, so it can be installed directly in the original ZX Spectrum Next cases.

It is a faithful clone of the Issue 2B version that solves the problem of power and reset via HDMI and adds protection ESD. It also includes dual SPI flash selectable through a switch. The main flash houses the ZX Spectrum Next system, and the second one the ZXDOS system (with ZXUNO core).

The NEXT N-GO board goes for €115,00 + taxes and shipping. The product page also offers the option to include a power supply for €9,90 and acrylic cover protection for €11,90.


Author: Paulo Garcia

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