RGN’s C64 Round-Up for March 2022 features ‘Lykia – The Lost Island’ Preview

This month’s RNG C64 Round-Up shows a 7-minute preview of the upcoming game Lykia – The Lost Island, an adorable and clever adventure that rivals toe-to-toe any early Legend of Zelda. The JRPG game will be available for purchase as a double disk or USB cassette by Psytronik, cartridge by Protovision, and the best of all, a digital version will be completely free so anyone can enjoy this marvellous C64 game.

C64 Round-Up also brings a news section where he talks about Slam Siblings, an upcoming game similar to Super Smash Bros. with incredible character animation and goes on for another 15 minutes showing amazing productions for the C64.

RGN’s C64 Round-Up video series has become the best way to keep in touch with what is the best in the C64 recent releases and news. You can check the video here:


Author: Paulo Garcia

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