Hyperdrive – A new shoot’em up for the Amstrad CPC by Juan J. Martínez

Hyperdrive is a vertical scrolling shoot’em up game for the Amstrad CPC with 64K of RAM or more and the GX4000.

The game offers classic shoot’em up action with a smooth one-pixel scroll at 25 frames per second, not often experienced on the Amstrad CPC.

Hyperdrive implements the power-up system seen in Uchūsen Gamma (MSX, 2019; by the same author). The power-ups appear when 9 enemies are destroyed in a row, and if no enemy is destroyed after some time, the chain counter resets. This provides a risk/reward component that is both challenging and fun.

This game is also using cartridges as distribution media, as an alternative to discs and cassettes, which are either scarce or not appropriate for titles with a large amount of data. The ROMs can be burned on a Dandanator cartridge, are supported by a few hardware add-ons that load them from SD, and can also be used in most popular emulators.

The game has been developed by Juan J. Martínez (code, graphics and sound), with a menu screen by Eric Cubizolle (TITAN), and was inspired by old and new classics like Star Force, Xenon or Neutron and other 8-bit games by the same author such as Uchūsen Gamma (MSX, 2019).

Some highlights:

  • Single-player, smooth vertical scrolling shoot’em up action
  • 5 stages to complete
  • 17 enemy types with unique behaviour and 5 end-of-stage bosses
  • A full soundtrack with 11 songs and jingles
  • Control by keyboard or joystick
  • Available as CPC+ and Dandanator cartridges (compatible with the M4 expansion board, C4CPC, Plus2CPC, Amstrad Plus models and most popular emulators)
  • The game is available as a free download from usebox.net, and a physical edition is being planned for 2023.


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Author: Paulo Garcia

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