Apple II Desktop v1.4 Beta 2 Pre-release Announced

Apple II Desktop v1.4 Beta 2 Pre-release Announced

Joshua Bell has announced the the latest pre-release of the Apple II Desktop, version 1.4 Beta 2, a Graphical User Interface operating system for the Apple II. This release marks a significant milestone in enhancing the user experience for Apple II enthusiasts, offering a range of new features, bug fixes, and improvements. As always, it is essential to use beta software with caution, as it is still in the testing phase.

Try It Now

To experience the latest features of Apple II Desktop v1.4 Beta 2, you can use the Virtual II Emulator, Clock Signal Emulator (CLK), Ample MAME Interface, Applewin, Apple IIjse or Apple2TS Emulator. These platforms provide a convenient way to explore the new functionalities and improvements in this release.

Download and Installation

The software package is available for download in ZIP file format, containing disk images compatible with real Apple II hardware or emulators. Each ZIP file includes:

800k .2MG disk images
32MB .HDV disk images
140k .PO disk images

You can download the package from the Assets link provided on the release page at:

Comprehensive Documentation

For detailed guidance on installing and using Apple II Desktop, comprehensive documentation is available at While this documentation primarily covers version 1.3, some of the changes specific to version 1.4 are highlighted. A full list of changes since the last release can be found in the v1.4 Release Notes.

Key Changes in v1.4 Beta 2

Compared to the previous beta release, v1.4 Beta 2 includes several important updates and fixes:


Update to Latest Clock Driver: This update ensures better synchronization and timekeeping, enhancing the overall performance and reliability of the system.


Fix Repaint of Icons Dragged on Desktop: This fix addresses an issue where icons would not repaint correctly after being dragged on the desktop, improving the visual consistency and user experience.

Desk Accessories

Screen Dump: Improve Aspect Ratio: The aspect ratio of screen dumps has been improved, providing more accurate and visually appealing representations of your screen captures.

Language Support

Apple II Desktop v1.4 Beta 2 is available in multiple languages, making it accessible to a broader audience. The supported languages include:

Danish (da)
German (de)
English (en)
Spanish (es)
French (fr)Italian (it)
Dutch (nl)
Portuguese (pt)
Swedish (sv)

This extensive language support ensures that users from various regions can enjoy the software in their native language, enhancing usability and user satisfaction.


The release of Apple II Desktop v1.4 Beta 2 is an exciting development for the Apple II community. With its numerous improvements, bug fixes, and expanded language support, this pre-release version promises to deliver an even better user experience. Whether you are a long-time Apple II user or new to the platform, this update is worth exploring.

Remember, as with any beta software, it is crucial to use this version with caution and report any issues to the developers to help refine and improve the final release. Happy computing!