The Eldritch Monarch – Game for Sega Mega Drive / Genesis -KICKSTARTER-

Explore  Lovecraftian adventure game for Megadrive/Genesis & Win, inspired by 90s cinematic platformers.

“The Eldritch Monarch” is a single-player adventure game designed for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis and modern systems. Step into a Lovecraftian world shrouded in eternal winter. “The Eldritch Monarch” is a cinematic platformer enriched with stealth, combat, and intricate puzzles, providing both a nostalgic and modern gaming experience.

At its core, “The Eldritch Monarch” is a cinematic platformer, invoking the spirit of classics like “Prince of Persia,” “Flashback,” and “Another World.”This movement scheme requires precision timing and strategic movement.


Author: vadmin