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UPDATE February 2018: This article is now obsolete and there is an updated version of the article available on Spiro’s home on the web. Of course, since you are here, make sure to look around. Vintage is The New Old has a lot to offer!

I wrote this guide in the forum, but thought it a good idea to put it here too.

The default installation is straight forward, but I wrote this mostly because of the problems with Windows 8

If you don’t know what the ZoomFloppy is. read my review of the ZoomFloppy here: Review

Need to know TIP:
Always start by attaching all cables to the ZoomFloppy, leave the diskettedrive OFF before plugging in the USB to the PC, only after doing this, should you turn on the diskettedrive. If you don’t do it this way, you might burn your hardware.

First of all you’ll need the OpenCBM drivers and some tools, there is a great ready-to-go package for download.

Extract this package to a known location, navigate to the extracted location if you haven’t this open already.
Don’t attach the diskettedrive to the ZoomFloppy just yet.
Double click on “install.bat” it might only show “install”.

For WinXP/7:
Attach the ZoomFloppy to your PC using a USB cable.
If Windows finds the drivers automatically, unplug the ZoomFloppy and attached the powered off drive to the ZoomFloppy, attach the Zoomfloppy to the USB port of the PC, and turn on the drive.
If the drivers aren’t installed, skip to step
Installing drivers old style

For Windows 8:
Windows 8 doesn’t allow unsigned drivers as default, so you’ll need to enable this feature first.
If you’ve done this you can skip these steps.

1. Go to Settings
2. Change PC settings (text in the bottom of the screen)
3. Choose General in the left side of the screen
4. Scroll down to the bottom in the right side of the screen
5. Click on “Restart Now” under Advanced start-up
6. Choose “Troubleshoot” when you get the “Choose an option” screen
7. Choose “Advanced Options”
8. Choose “Start-up settings”
You should now look at a screen that has a list of things. one of them saying “Disable driver signature enforcement”.
9. Choose “Restart”
10. On the next screen you should press a number to select that option. Choose the number that corresponds to “Disable driver signature enforcement” (usually 7)

Now you should be able to install the drivers like on WinXP
Plug in the ZoomFloppy, if Windows finds the drivers you are good to go.

Installing drivers using the metro interface
1. go to Search
2. Choose “Settings”
3. In the search field enter “device manager”
4. Choose “Device manager” from the search results
Skip to the step “Install the drivers

Installing drivers old style (using classic shell or similar)
Rightclick on Computer found in the “start” menu and choose “Manage”
Click on “Device manager”

Install the driver
You should now see the “xum1541 floppy adapter (ZOOMFLOPPY)” in the list
1. Right click on this device, and click “Update driver software…”
2. Choose “Browse my computer for driver software”
3. Using the browse button, navigate to the extracted package you downloaded earlier, click the “windrv” folder so it’s highlighted and click OK
4. Click Next
5. If a Windows security box appears “Windows cannot verify the publisher of this driver software” click “Install this driver software anyway”

You should now be able to use the tools available in C:opencbm

New nibtools
ZoomFloppy home
ZoomFloppy store

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