The Mojon Twins dual game cartridge from RGCD


Mojon Twins box

RGCD has released a new cartridge for the C64. This cartridge has 2 games from The Mojon Twins.

Sir Ababol and Nanako in Classic Japanese Monster Castle.

I’ve mentioned earlier that the quality from RGCD is top notch, their newest product falls into the same category.

If you haven’t read my other reviews for RGCD’s products, then read on. Everything is professionally made. The standard box is a box in cardboard with perfectly printed pictures, the deluxe box is made of plastic, though I have yet to see one of these. A sticker with a level from one of the games is a great RGCD trademark that comes with every cartridge. The manual is a 12 page manual with a good readable font describing how to load and play the games.

The Cartridge

LED Cartridge

Something new in this Cartridge is the LED inside. Looks awesome, doesn’t it? Don’t mind the 3Way Expander, that one gives me easy access to the expansion port, and has a reset button.

The cartridge here is transparent purple and is made after the original Commodore cartridge casing, so they are not only held by the screw in the middle, like some brand new cartridge casings do, but also held by plastic clamps inside in each 4 corners, which makes the cartridge very solid.

RGCD did a good job in squeezing the two games into a 64K cartridge, while also having bugfixed for NTSC and making Nanako playable with joystick, this way it can be played on the GS too.

The Games

As mentioned earlier, this cartridge comes with two games. The games are selectable from the titles screen which I’ll show you later.

Sir Ababol

Sir Ababol Titlescreen

You are Sir Ababol whom lost his sword in his journey through the world, You’ll have to find the sword again, and in doing so you’ll also need to pick up flowers which share the same name as you. Ababol.

Ababol game

The game is a platformer, and by first glance could be mistaken for being a Ghost’n’Goblins clone, but you’ll have to avoid the monsters, while doing so you’ll need to find keys which opens new areas, and the Ababol flowers.

With this game you don’t have the regular 3 lives, but you have energy, which is spent every time you hit a monster or walk on something that you shouldn’t. This is a great for this game as I otherwise wouldn’t have progressed to screen two.

The only thing that could be improved in this game is the font that shows the energy, points and items, a minor detail as it’s not what you’re looking at all the time. Otherwise the game is great.

This game was has also been Published on disk and tape by Psytronic Software.

Nanako in Classic Japanese Monster Castle

Nananko Title

I really must say, the pictures are awesome.

While this game is a jumpin’ platformer too, it’s quite different from Sir Ababol. I thought it a quite difficult puzzle which makes it a great brain exercise.

Nanako game

You are Nanako who has set out to find and rescue her sister in the Heún Tower, a place of dark magic and inanimate objects that’s become conscious after they are older than 100 years.

You’ll need to move the boxes and stack them in order to progress, this can be a quite difficult task when there are moving objects in the way. The game resembles Dr. Solomons Mine, if you like(d) that game, I have no doubt that you’ll love this one.


The game has been converted to C64 by Woodmaster, and is being sold on Disk and Tape by Psytronik Software.



Again, this is a great product that RGCD has delivered.

Why don’t you visit their store or their website and see their other products?

Article and Pictures by Tomse, pictures are taken from a real C64 connected to a 1084 monitor w/Composite signal.

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