On this site you can download a lot of different file formats, you’ll see a listing here what they are and how they can be used. The file formats are shown in alphabetically order.

ADF – Amiga Disk File, can be transferred back into a diskette using i.e. TSGui on an Amiga or opened using an emulator.

CRT – Cartridge file. This is a dump from a Cartridge, which can be used in an emulator for the 8bit computers, i.e. Vic20, C64, C16 etc

D64 – Diskette format for the 8bit computers, they can be written back to a real diskette or used in the emulators.

DMS – Diskmasher, Amiga compressed disk, can be used by an emulator, or written back to disk using a real Amiga.

G64 – Enhanced diskette format for the 8bit computers, usually double the size of the D64 files, and contains copy protections.

PRG – A 8bit computer program file. Can be saved to tape or diskette or opened using an emulator.

RP9 – Retro Platform format. This file can be opened by Cloanto’s Amiga Forever or C64 Forever launcher. The files contains the software files, sometimes contain the media files too, like manuals, copy protection papers, scans of boxes etc. The format is designed to be a all-in-one solution for emulated gameplay.

T64 – A 8bit computer tape file. Can be transferred back to tape or opened with an emulator.

TAP – A 8bit computer tape file. Can be transferred back to tape or opened with an emulator.

WHDLoad – An Amiga file that requires WHDLoad. This is a file that contains i.e. a game which has undergone an installation that makes it possible to run from the hardrive of the Amiga – emulated as well as real amiga – without using diskettes. Before WHDLoad it wasn’t possible to run a demo or a game from the hardrive if the application wasn’t built to do so, WHDLoad makes it possible.

When referring to 8bit computers, this would be specifically 8bit Commodore computers: PET, C16, C116, Plus /4, Vic20, C64 and C128.

When referring to the Amiga, this would be all Amiga models unless deeper specified.

For 8bit emulation we can recommend C64 Forever – which exists in a free express version – from Cloanto, or the Vice emulator.

For Amiga emulation we can recommend Amiga Forever from Cloanto, or the WinUAE emulator. WinUAE requires amiga kickstart roms, if you own an Amiga you can copy the one installed using GrabKick.

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