Molluscan Redux

Dive into the ocean and guide the mollusk through 24 levels of excitement in this C64 exclusive underwater eat ’em up!

Originally entered in RGCD’s 16KB Cartridge Game Development Competition (2011), this special redux version features a number of enhancements over the competition release, including:

* 4 stages each with 6 levels,
* A limited amount of fishes to eat on each level.
* Bonus fish,
* Improved controls,
* Hiscore table,
* Optional disk hiscore saver/loader (and hiscore reset),
* Game map wraps horizontally,
* PAL/NTSC compatibility,
* Other minor bugfixes.

The cartridge version is available to buy from the RGCD Shop on physical C64 cartridge. The game is presented in a blue cartridge shell, complete with a box designed by Flemming Dupont, a vinyl sticker and a printed manual. Mollusk Redux is priced at £20 inclusive of UK/Europe shipping, and £21 for the rest of the world.

Source: RGCD

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