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124585Latest releases over at CSDb are as follows:

Another intro, Xray diffraction pattern, Rain-TRO, Atlantis + F4CG Co-op Intro Compo Edition, Codejurer7, 6581 Alternative Output, Komoda #08 [polish], The Grand Old Smileyntro, SwingTro 2013, Slackjaw, Avatar Intro DX, Loopz +2HD [pal/ntsc], C6-IntroCompo2, E.G. Blues 2SID cover, Sid2prg, Gary, Take it easy with roses, Panda Power, Happy Birthday Micron, Desire neon-frame, Pandzilla, Dakmannen, African Smile, Dirty New Foot, Plan B, Neutronen anno 1991, 1991, World of Commodore 2013 Invite [ntsc], Stilleven, No Limit, Unholy Pattern of Mental Masturbation, AstroPlain PETSCII Compo 2013 Results Scroller, Gnuff, tapmaster 0.4, Frits & Sjouk, Psyboarfunk, Wanted: SixxSixxSixx, Highway2, 16 Seconds of Fame, Last Stand, Super Mario 2 Endtheme, CSSHC-VQ Slideshow, 1541 Ultimate Case, defMON guide, Just a girl in November, Rytm Are A Dinasour, Erberus, Oolong Preview, WOW C64 Surround Sound SIDPlayerV1.0, View64 v1.55, Sprcut – a BMP2ASM sprite converter, C6-IntroCompo3, Orbit Flare, Hybrid Song (Funky Stars), Laxity Intro #56 (Oldschool HTL style) and The Atom U-Boat +ED 101%.

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