Lemmings – The Ports Book Coming Soon!

bookmockup1‘Lemmings – The Ports’ by Justin Castle will hit Kickstarter early in 2015!

  • 300 Pages –  full colour throughout.
  • Hardback Edition 8.5″ x 8.5″ (21.6cm) Square. 
  • PDF Version available too.
  • 100gsm Quality Paperstock
  • 30,000+ Words
  • 1,000+ Screenshots
  • 100+ High Quality DSLR Box Shots.
  • DMA Design Interview – Mini Interview with 2 original members of the DMA Design team.
  • Level Map/Sprite Images – hundreds of images of level maps with level names along with sprite bank pages.
  • Official Ports – every official game port with game details, review scores, screenshots, boxart etc
  • Unofficial Ports – from well known to obscure machines, a detailed look at the homebrew Lemmings scene.
  • Comparisons – compares the features of each version of Lemmings.
  • Merchandise – examples of what official memorabilia was sold ‘back in the day’.
  • Canned Lemmings – details and screenshots of cancelled versions.
  • Industry Quotes – from people within the gaming industry with their thoughts or memories of Lemmings.
  • Timeline – lists the timeline of every Lemmings release date.

This will be a Kickstarter campaign and if successful, will be an order of the physical book, so it’s truly a collectors item from one batch, no reprints will be made, something Justin fully believes is what Kickstarter is all about, so don’t miss out when the campaign begins early next year!

Website: http://everylemming.blogspot.co.uk

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