Street Fighter II Has Been Ported To The Nintendo Virtual Boy

Photo by Nintendo Life
Photo by Nintendo Life

If you are one of the two that owned a Virtual Boy in the past, this news will certainly excite you! Back then, Street Fighter II, after launching on the SNES has been ported practically to almost every existing game machine including the monochrome Game Boy. Nintendo’s own Virtual Boy was probably the only one that didn’t get its version, at least until now.

Developers Mr. Anon and MK are the ones behind Hyper Fighting, and have not only produced an impressive game on a legit-looking cart, but also a manual and box to go along with it.

As you can check on the photo above, or the review video linked below, the port is very impressive, very professional!

If you are already reaching your credit card, I am sorry but the game will never be sold to avoid problems with Capcom. Still, the copies that have made it into the wild are certain to become highly-desirable collector’s items.

Source: Nintendo Life
Review: YouTube
Download: Planet Virtual Boy

Author: Paulo Garcia

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