PRO(C) ATARI Magazine Issue #7 available NOW


The seventh issue of the printed Atari 8bit-Magazine PRO(C) ATARI is now available in English. If you want to know what PRO(C) ATARI means, you must buy this issue!

This issue is also a debut a better print quality and more colours.

Some of the content:

  • Time For A Quickie (three Games played shortly)
  • Tank Commander
  • Remember Stichting Pokey
  • Star Raiders
  • Chimera vs Chimera+
  • The Meaning of the name PRO© ATARI
  • Anogher treasure left by The Goonies
  • AtariAge Highscore Club
  • Antic – The Atari 8bit-Podcast
  • 3D PAC plus / Ghost II


Author: Paulo Garcia

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