Amstrad CPC 464 Game 'Space Moves' wins CPCRetroDev'2015


#CPCRetroDev 2015 has ended with one of the greatest results in years for all the Amstrad community. A total of 35 games were presented, and most of them being really high quality.

The winner is ‘Space Moves’, followed by Frogalot and Top Top. For the CPC retro gamers out there, this is a very long list of amazing games to play for the next weeks to come!


The jury had a very complicated decision to select those who deserved awards and mentions. The organizers state that “…we only have great words and our deepest appreciation for all of you who have participated or contributed to this contest. This contest exists because of all of you and your dedication, and that’s what makes it especial and magic. This contest is yours, and we hope it to continue being the source of many happy moments for all Amstrad users, with your participation. Thanks a million to all of you!”

You can find the full classification list following the link below.

Link: CPCRetroDev

Author: Paulo Garcia

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