Amigaville – A New Amiga Magazine – Update: New Link!

Amigaville1_pdfAmigaville Issue #1 is out – A new Amiga-oriented PDF magazine, created by Brian Hedley.

It contains game reviews covering Legend of Kyrandia, T-Zer0, Micro Machines, Arcade Pool and Archer Macleans Pool. The main feature talks about the future of the Amiga, tackling new hardware and modern software for the Amiga.

It is a really nice and well-done magazine, and we hope there will be more issues of it!

Download #1: Amigaville hosted in Vintage is The New Old
Download #2: Amigaville

Author: Paulo Garcia

8 thoughts on “Amigaville – A New Amiga Magazine – Update: New Link!

  1. Enjoyed the mag, the formatting was a little off as you said in your introduction… one tip that i do, as I also have no dtp skills is use powerpoint for all my free books… it easy.. just change ide to A4 portrait size and you have an eady to use flexible dtp tool that exports into pdf… anyway keep up the top work.

  2. Hi, I liked the graphics/formatting and thumbs up fro the endeavor.
    If I may some small personal request?
    Since most of the readers are probably (young) +40, games review is nice but missing the point of new Amiga magazine.
    I’m a hardware/software designer, and the sad thing is that all my designs are going to children/teenagers (mobile gadgets, phones ,tablets) There is no industry for our age, and the Amiga (all retro) is a warm place where “THE TIME IT WAS OURS”. It will be nice to devote some of the articles to “future” of Amiga (some direction, joined venture so people our age will be able to contribute to the preservation of that great feeling “our computer”)

    Wish you the best

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