Amigaville Issue 4 now available


If you, Amiga friend, is out of good literature about your favourite computer, I have good news. Amigaville Magazine issue 4 is out!

This month, the magazine brings interesting articles like “Should Hyperion port to x86?” and “Whatever happened to Amiga Anywhere?” which for sure will heat up the discussion about the future of the Amiga OS, copyrights and other subjects that have been surfacing recently.

The game review section is also not too shabby, including my one of my all-time favourite Prince of Persia, Deluxe Galaga and Castlevania.

Amigaville is now available for £2, which, let’s agree here, is a bargain for the quality content that it brings.

To order your digital copy, follow the link below.

Link: Amigaville

Author: Paulo Garcia

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