'Rock Maze' – New game for C64 by Reset Magazine Staff


When I saw this game today on CSDb I thought “Uh, shiny!”. With that profound thought in mind, I downloaded it to check it out.

The very first thing I noticed is the use of the old school password for each level, so you don’t have to restart the game from the beginning every time is game over. So make sure to have a pen and paper!

The game consists of you controller the character around each maze to collect the diamonds, while avoiding falling rocks and diamonds that can kill you. When you get the pickaxe all the blue stones (or walls) will turn into diamonds.


The gameplay is simple but it is not trivial to get all the diamonds without getting something hitting your head every now and then.

The graphics are very colorful and well designed. The splash screen music is catchy and very suitable for the game theme. It is too bad that it doesn’t play in the background while in the game itself. Talking about that, the sound effects are good and the overall animation is cute! (Points to the one that happens on game over screen).


The only flaw of the game, which is really not important, to be honest, is that you die when you press the fire button during the game! Unless there is a meaning to that, the only thing I can say is “What the heck!”. Still, no a big problem as long you keep your finger away from the button.

I found the game very fun to play and it could very well be present on modern mobile devices!

Download: CSDb

Author: Paulo Garcia

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