Amiga Future Magazine #119 – Preview


Amiga Future #119 is planned to be available in March, but you can check what they are baking for you.

Playfield, Spice Obsession Mod for Dune 2, Amiga Racer.

Elves Dreamland, Shokaku, Beam, Zerosphere, Kikugi, Luettje Bookholler, Simplemail, OS4 Depot, Redit, AISS, MorphOS Software Development Kit 3.10, DosBox pn AmigaOS 4, XBench, Portable AmiKit MK2, C64 Forever 2016, KMTech Gotek External Interface, DF0:-Selector.

Trevors Soapbox, AROS for theRaspberryPi: AEROS Teil 1, 18 years of Amiga Future, Demoscene.

Developing Demo Effects #8: The Golden Age of the 40K Intro.

Interview Pascal Papara (ARES Computer), Editorial, Contents, News, Imprint, Readers CD content, Letters to the editor.

Link: Amiga Future

Author: Paulo Garcia

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