'Hessian' – New game for the C64 like the good old days


Covert Bitops has released a new game for the Commodore 64, Hessian, a 2D arcade game where you control Kim, a security guard. From the game manual, “Take the role of Kim, a low-clearance security guard working a permanent night shift (on her request) at the Throne Group Science Complex. One night, she wakes up inside a cargo container converted to an improvised emergency operating room. All she remembers are multiple unknown hostiles firing at the staff, heavy rounds hammering into her chest and everything going black, then finally the shouted words filtering into her consciousness: “Massive trauma.. Need artificial circulation.. Prepare the nanobot injection now!”

There have been many game releases for the Commodore 64 that we reported here, but Hessian stands out for many reasons.

First and foremost is a fun game to play, with great graphics and action. The game as a whole is very professional made, attentive to all details, from cut scenes to ability to save the game and even a user manual (in PDF) remind me the way the commercial products were released back in the 80s.

The game is available for free following the link below. Covert Bitops has the game source code available on Github. Thank you guys for spreading knowledge to the C64 Scene!

Link: CSDb

Author: Paulo Garcia

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