'Deep Core Raider' – New game for the ZX Spectrum


Deep Core Raider is a new game developed by Paul Jenkinson, created using the AGD game engine.

The game premise let you control your pod and navigate deeper into the planets to collect any minerals you can find while avoiding the corporate defence cannons. There is also the fuel that you have to keep under control.


The game works very like to any Lunar Lander where you can control you pod going left or right. The gravity will act sending you down, and the thrust will reduce the speed or make your pod go up again. You have to land on platforms to grab minerals or to refuel.


Differently than Lunar Lander, touching the walls or the ground won’t make your pod explode. It will just keep going down. The difficulty is in managing the fuel and avoiding/attacking the cannons that are trying to destroy you.

The graphics are well done, and the sounds make the game more interesting. There is no background music, though.

You can try yourself, downloading the game following the link below.

Link: Deep Core Raider


Author: Paulo Garcia

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