Wifi hardware expansion for the Amstrad CPC


M4 Board is a WiFi adapter for the Amstrad CPC that allows you to connect the CPC to a PC to access files and also directly to the Internet.

With the M4 your CPC will be able to:

  • Emulate Romboard, currently up to 16 ROMS, can be uploaded/removed via Web Interface.
  • Download files from internet via WiFi.
  • Mass storage to SD card, via native file I/O. R/W support. Emulated as drive A.
  • Can use DSK files on the SD card too, but only for file read access and sector reading via firmware call.
  • Upload files via web interface.

You can see a demo video below:

[youtube YqouZCVMMwg nolink]

Link: Spinpoint.org

Author: Paulo Garcia

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