A1200.NET Upcoming Campaign Promises New Keycaps for Almost all Amiga Models


A1200.NET is already the sweetheart of all Amiga 1200 owners, with its recently successful kickstart campaign for the new A1200 casing. If you are one of the happy backers you might be thinking “my A1200 will have a brand new shiny case, but these old keycaps are awful…”

Well, accordingly to Phillipe Lang, you will be able to get brand new keycaps to match your brand new A1200 case! A1200.NET will be launching a new Kickstarter campaign on September 1st specifically to manufacture a complete set of keycaps for the Amiga.

If you also have other Amiga models other than the A1200, you can also bring new life to them since the keycaps will be compatible with any Amiga computer that has keyboard equipped with Mitsumi switches.

Here are the details we have gathered so far:

  • Key caps full sets will be delivered including springs
  • A full set consists of 101 key caps
  • 12x plastic complementary plastic holders are included in each set
  • The Full set is compatible with all Amiga models having Mitsumi switches only. (Except Amiga 1000)
  • Multiple language layouts available
  • Multiple colors available including Amiga original dual color, Black CDTV (with white lettering)
  • All other colors are matching colors to the New Amiga 1200 cases & Special Editions
  • Campaign is ready and all technical aspects have been reviewed and validated with our partners.

One possible concern that A1200.NET is making clear to clarify is that the campaign will be launched AFTER the New Amiga 1200 cases manufacturing process has started and not before! This makes a very clear statement of how seriously Phillippe is taking the projects avoiding any doubts about what he can deliver! Nice job!

Link: A1200.net

Author: Paulo Garcia

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