My pointless quest to achieve perfect retro console fidelity


There is an entertaining article published today where Zach Hines tells his story to achieve the perfect retro console fidelity, relying on a high-end RGB Monitor by Sony.

” It all started about four years ago when I came into an old Sega Saturn system from the mid-90s. It was an entire console catalog that I completely skipped over back in the day. I hooked it up to my TV and soon I was knee-deep in classic fighting games like Street Fighter vs. X-Men and shoot-em-ups like Thunderforce V. The low-poly art style was gorgeously retro, but I quickly realized that the image was stretched and distorted on my HDTV. I Googled “retro console fidelity,” and that’s where it all went wrong.” (Engadget)

I actually never thought about getting old SONY monitors used by broadcast companies. It might be the pentacle of the jack of all trades to have around. I will probably start to look for one!

Link: Engadget

Author: Paulo Garcia

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