Retro Games inspiring filmmaker to create “fan films”

Daniele Spadoni is an independent filmmaker and director living in Ferrara, north of Italy. He has made a good number of video productions, making some of them available on YouTube.

A few days ago, Daniele reached us through our Facebook page, linking some video with titles that caught my attention right away. Superfrog, Manic Mansion, and Secret of Monkey Island are a few of the fan film movies he has made entirely inspired by the games they portrait.

The movies are very entertaining, following a variety of styles that really shows how Daniele is a very creative person! My favourite is Pixel World because it has some many good references and kind of looks like a Demo :)

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Because you can watch Spadoni’s videos on YouTube, I found unnecessary to talk about them in this article. Instead of that, I decided to have a short interview with Daniele so we can know more about him and his ideas.

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What was your motivation? 

I was born in Brindisi and since 2013 I have been living in Ferrara, in the north of Italy. I am an independent filmmaker and director and I have already created a number of video productions, many of which can be found on my YouTube channel (linked at the end of the article).

Most of my works got over 100,000 views in a short time in spite of the diversity of the subject or even the style of shooting used. That is why I intend to follow the path of professionalism in direction, while at the same time I also have expert skills in photography and especially in editing and special effects in post-production. I have received some great reviews for my work from the media, both on the web and in the newspapers, and to be honest I am counting on the fair number of devoted followers I have online. I am particularly fond of cartoon series and sequels to famous productions.

Are you a “retro gamer” or played the games back then?

Yes, I am. I was introduced to the world of Pixels when I was a young boy. Thanks to the Commodore, I grew up playing these masterpieces and it was sooner than later that they stole my heart away. However, I don’t love just one single game in particular. During my childhood, my father used to give me a good number of games to play, and every single time I used to identify with each one of them.

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How long it takes to make the videos, how many people involved?

I am doing almost everything by myself: from the direction to the post-production and the CGI effects. Now, as far as actors and locations are concerned… with no budget at my disposal, I am constantly looking for people and collaborators who like acting and want to prove their passion.

My times are short to complete a short movie. It takes no more than two days for the shootings and then I start the post-production work. The entire project is completed in less than a month.

Any future plans?

My next plan is another fan film, Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders – 30th Anniversary and it will be available sometime between this month and June.


Link: Spadoni YouTube Channel

Author: Paulo Garcia

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