Street Fighter II CE for Sega Mega Drive “remastered” by Pyron

Back in 1992, Nintendo scored a major exclusive with Capcom’s seminal tournament fighter, making it one of the main reasons to buy the SNES over the Sega Mega Drive.

Sega fans would eventually receive an official conversion in the form of Street Fighter II Championship Edition from Capcom a year later in ’93, but, despite the studio’s efforts, it didn’t quite match the glory of it’s Nintendo rival.

The game has been subject to various updates and tweaks from the ROM hacking community over the years, but one individual is endeavouring to go even further.

Currently in development by enthusiast coder and veteran ROM hacker Pyron, he has spent the best part of the last two years steadily tweaking and updating the Sega version of the game to deliver what he hopes will be a version of the game that not only lives up to his own expectations, but to those of the community as well.

In a forum post over on the Sega-16 forums, Pyron stresses that his efforts are not necessarily aimed at producing a 1:1 recreation of the arcade version, but to deliver improvements to the game that he believes enhances the overall presentation and gameplay experience.

Based on WIP footage released on Pyron’s personal YouTube channel, the various changes made in this update make themselves apparent, especially when compared to the official Capcom release. Not only does the remaster improve the colour palettes, shading and general graphical elements of the game, the crackly sound effects and speech have been replaced with new samples that are much crisper than the original.

Pyron has also added support for alternative fight costumes for some of the fighters, as well as additional background artwork and animation that didn’t make it into the official version.

This is shaping up to be quite the interesting release, so head on over to the Sega-16 forum for progress updates from Pyron as they happen.

Source: Sega-16 Forums

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2 thoughts on “Street Fighter II CE for Sega Mega Drive “remastered” by Pyron

  1. Nice ! Excellent improvement thanks to smarter color choices and gradient.
    Is it possible to do the same for the Amiga version with its 32 colors, it is a bigger challenge but that would be a nice to see Guile’s stage on amiga with optimized colors.

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