Reset64 ‘Craptastic’ Game Competition C64 compilation now available!

Reset64 Magazine has compiled and uploaded a disk image containing all of the entries for it’s ‘Craptastic’ game development competition.

Launched back in March of this year, the rules of the competition were simple: devs could create a game as bonkers or as brilliant as they liked, except that each entry must be no greater than 4 KB in size once compressed.

Don’t let the name of the competition fool you – the entries into this year’s competition are far from ‘craptastic’. As Reset64 were eager to highlight, the nature of the competition wasn’t to focus on the submission of games that are poorly made, but to encourage coders to let their ideas run wild with all kinds of silly ideas. In fact, all of the entries that we played show remarkable innovation given the 4 Kb size restriction, and there are quite a few that possess a level of addictiveness that’s sure to have you coming back for just one more go!

With over 20 entries to choose from, this disk should keep you busy for quite some time. Our highlights include:

  • Wave Hero (Geir Straume)
  • Snake-a-Space (Jamie Fuller)
  • Kalle Kloak (Megastyle)
  • Dustin (Pond Software/Privy Software)
  • Trump Tower (Megastyle)

We’ve compiled a short video to showcase some of the highlights, and the game disk is now available from our homebrew gaming section to download.

Source: Reset64 Magazine

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