ZX Spectrum Next Keyboard mass production is a go and we have photos to prove!

Close-up shows amazing quality, doesn’t it!?

It is another freezing Canadian morning and there is nothing better to warm us up than good news (and a hot cup of coffee, of course!)

As I was drinking that coffee and reading my emails, there was another update from Henrique Olifiers regarding the most-wanted (and waited) retro-computer project in the past few years! The ZX Spectrum Next keyboard is a go!

Now we have tested it for the case fitting, and the happy news is that it just slides into the case as it was meant to.

Perfect “Piano-finishing”

After meticulous further inspection, it was found that there are four small tweaks needed:

  • The Enter key felt heavier to press than the other keys;
  • Four keys missed the tweak to remove a tiny injection bulge;
  • The connector ribbons had to be extended a bit and;
  • The screws inserts should be 3mm rather than 2.5mm

Henrique tells us that although these need to be addressed, the are so small details that the they had already authorized the beginning of the mass production which should start anytime now.

After the keyboards are ready, they will be shipped to the case manufacturer where will be assembled and sent over England as a single unit, ready for the final production stages.

By the way, all the photos presented here are not 3D rendering images, they are from a real unit used for tests!

Author: Paulo Garcia

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